VEGER VP1018 Power Bank 10000mAh

Do you want to use your smartphone or tablet for many hours but the battery capacity of your device is preventing you to do so? Well, that is where power banks can help this is VEGER VP1018 Power Bank. Having a power bank allows you to charge and use your mobile devices on the go. In addition, power banks can be a great choice, especially for those who need a reliable source of extra energy for their mobile devices while they are indoors or outdoors.

VEGER VP1018 Power Bank

To put simply, power banks allow users to travel without worrying about their phone’s battery, and it can offer more advantages than that. The good news is there are countless power banks to choose. However, only a few stands out among the rest, and that includes the VEGER VP1018 Power Bank. To help you learn more about this power bank, read on as we are going to show you our review of one of the most popular power banks you can have today: the VEGER Power Bank. Let’s get into the details below!


The VEGER VP1018 Power Bank has a compact design. It is portable and slim, making it convenient to bring and use. Moreover, this power bank is probably the smallest power bank today in terms of size. Since the device is pretty small, it can fit into a pocket or backpack without consuming a lot of room. This makes it ideal for those with many things to carry. If you are looking for a smaller power bank that gives you enough battery power, then better look no further. Carrying this power bank will never be an issue because it’s one of the smallest power banks you can get at the moment.

Battery Capacity

Although the VP1018 is small, you can rely on it when it comes to battery capacity. The device has a massive 10000mAh battery capacity. This capacity is powerful enough to charge your mobile devices several times quickly and with little to no effort. While this power bank is not the most powerful power banks in the market, it gets the job done right in terms of providing extra battery.

Safety System

The power bank comes with a MultiProtect Safety System. It can prevent short-circuit, surge, and other issues that can cause harm. Furthermore, the device is included with more advanced safety features that will keep you and your mobile devices safe. With its safety system, you’ll be at ease knowing that it is safe to use.


Made of high-quality ABS material, this power bank is durable enough to withstand falls and impacts with little to no effort. It comes with a strong ABS casing that protects it from harmful elements. In addition, it is made of eco-friendly and fireproof plastic material, making it very safe to use. Although this power bank is small and portable, you won’t get disappointed by its durability.

So, there you go. Above you can see our review of the VEGER VP1018 Power Bank. This affordable, durable, and reliable power bank provides multiple features that will help your mobile devices to last longer. But here’s the question: is it worth it? Share your opinions below!

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