Shake N Take 3 Tumbler and Blender

Are you a lover of smoothies or juices? Shake N Take 3 Tumbler and Blender offers you the convenient smoothies that you can bring outdoor. These home appliances brands of blenders give you fresh healthy drinks in just a few minutes. It comes with two tumbler and one-piece four blades that give the best smoothies you will have. It also comes in different colors that you will enjoy bringing with you to the office, school or anywhere. The machine is high power with 180 watts with a capacity of 16oz of juice or smoothies. Hence, the tumbler has a convenient and secure flip-top straw. As well as, dishwasher safe, meaning easy to clean. Each tumbler cover has a handle that you can carry anywhere you go.

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How much does Shake N Take 3 cost?

You can’t believe it but this home appliances' only 399pesos worth of the product and you can use it many times. Instead of buying the big blender, it is better to buy this especially if you are in a rush every morning. You’ll just put the fruit inside the tumbler and blend them, you are ready to bring your smoothies with you. Availing this blender saves you money and time as well as gives you a healthy body. Most of the customer gives five stars review for this product. However, others are not satisfied because they said it is not working. Proper placing of the tumbler with little press then you can turn the button it will work as normal blender do. With normal blender, it also has a different technique to make it working properly.

Where can we buy this?

Some home appliances brands store offer Shake N Take Tumbler and Blender but it cost so expensive. On the other hand, online shopping offers this product in low home appliances cost that you can afford to have. Hence, when buying in online shopping you check all the reviews of how they receive the products. As well as, how it works for them. Buying online shopping gives you convenience because you will just wait at your home. Usually, it delivers door to door with good and proper packaging to make sure the safety of the product. Better to choose the right online company that will give you satisfaction and the best price.

What is in the box?

Upon placing your order Shake N Take Tumbler and Blender, they will give a box with content. You will see two tumblers with convenient and secure flip-top straw cover. Also, one-piece cover with four blades, a manual, the machine blender. Thus, this completes the price that you pay and you will have your quick smoothies every day. The best online company that you can have is the one who packs the product securely. With this kind of small home appliances, it needs to have a bubble wrap so that it will break on the way of delivery. Shake N Take Tumbler and the Blender is the first small blender that gives you comfort in blending fruits and vegetables. It saves you time because you don't have to transfer your juice or smoothies on other containers.

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