Quantum Resonance Magnetic Analyzer

Health is very important in our everyday life, there is saying health is wealth. Quantum Resonance Magnetic Analyzer gives you a complete analysis of the body. This home medical equipment will allow you to see and know the conditions of your health and body functions. This has 41 analyzer reports that will detect the whole body in only one minute by the easiest operation. You will know the conditions of your body, you will know if you have any illness that needs to address.

Home Medical Equipment

The people who want to use the equipment they only need to hold the bar then it can start checking by scanning the whole body. This medical equipment supply is the best to use in a beauty salon, SPA club, clinic, health examination center. And many other health facilities as well as suitable for family use. This durable medical equipment needs to install the software on the computers, with the USB connector the equipment will start to operate. Thus, it is compatible with the computer operating system such as Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 with 32 and 64bits. Also, with Win98 and Win Me but you need to install Microsoft office. This also compatible with Win 2000 series, Win 2008 server series.

The Product Features

The features of the Quantum Resonance magnetic Analyzer have a wide range of use in the health industry. They use it because of its comprehensive examination of the human body that gives 16 reports after the test. With all of the test done of Quantum Resonance magnetic analyzer is 85% accurate with all of the test that is done. The largest number of clinical practices approved in using this scientific method to have a statistical analysis of one person's heath. The effectivity of this therapy device helps to detect health changes before obvious symptoms and signs of disease appear. This will help them make an early treatment. To use this health equipment is easy and the users can easily learn the detecting ways after a few uses.

This home medical equipment is very convenient to use because health checks can be done anytime and anywhere the patients can save time. This health instrument is made in a non-invasive way, it will not harm the human body. According to the testing reports, users can get report about health status and prescription. Moreover, this is also suitable for family use that is very affordable in the budget.

With the help of the sensor that you hold, the instrument will start scanning your body. Then after the test, a statistic will appear on the result of the test. Through the computer, you will see all the reports that the machine is done in your body. So you will know what you need to improve and whatnot. It will also show the prescription that you need to take. However, you may visit your doctor to confirm the prescription you need to use. In this way, you have a sure way to stop is there is any illness that was a trace in your body. For your convenient acquire one now.

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