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Realme 3 smartphone is the former sub-brand of one of the biggest smartphone manufacturers today, OPPO. Since day one, the Realme 3 smartphone has been providing some remarkable and affordable mobile devices with decent performance backing them. Furthermore, the Realme 3 which is an entry-level smartphone, is selling at a rapid rate since it launched all over the world.

Realme 3 smartphone

Well, that is not surprising. After all, Realme’s creations are commonly not only reliable but budget-friendly as well. So, to help you determine if the Realme 3 is worth the price or not, read on as we’re going to share with you our review of the latest Realme 3. Let’s dive right in.

Construction and Design

Similar to most smartphones in the market at the moment, the Realme 3 an attractive gradient design. The back panel has a glossy finish and is made of polycarbonate material. Moreover, the phone is available in two variants: Radiant Blue and Dynamic Black. The look of the Realme 3 smartphone is quite premium and stylish considering that it’s an entry-level mobile device.

Furthermore, the device has a 6.2-inch display with a notch that covers both the speaker and the camera. Also, the screen is protected by a Corning Gorilla Glass 3, making the smartphone durable. On the right, there’s the power button that is tactile and sturdy. The placement of the power button is just perfect and easy to reach. You don’t need to stretch your fingers or hand just to press the button as it perfectly sits on the right side of the phone.

And on the left side, you can see the volume rocker and the triple card slot, which feels and operates similar to the power button. You will see the noise-canceling microphone at the top of the Realme 3. The bottom, on the other hand, is where the micro USB port, loudspeaker, and the 3.5 mm audio port is located. Well, it does not have a USB Type-C port like all mid-range smartphones, but that’s to be expected for a very affordable phone.

In addition, you will find the dual camera and the fingerprint scanner on its back. There is a yellow outline on the main camera, and this adds extra style to the look of the smartphone. Overall, the Realme 3 not only looks good but feels good as well. It has a good design, grip, and is actually lightweight.

Audio and Display

Unfortunately, the Realme 3 only comes in HD+. It has a display with 1520x720 resolution. Although the resolution is not the best, it is pretty good considering its affordable price. Despite the fact that the device is only HD+, the viewing angles and colors are pretty acceptable. The good news is that you can always modify the color temperature of the phone’s display in the settings. Moreover, it’s provided with a Night Shield feature that helps minimize the blue light from the screen, allowing you to prevent eye strain. Sadly, there is no way to hide the topnotch.

Also, the audio is a bit terrible. Yes, there are great mid and highs, but the lows are almost non-existent to the point that you will have a hard time appreciating the sound coming from the smartphone. Putting the volume at max is not a problem but it can “break” the sound and might ruin your watching or listening experience. If you want to make your listening experience a lot more fun and enjoyable, you want to use an external speaker or a reliable earphones when you want to use the mobile device. To put simply, it’s not that great in terms of audio.


What makes the smartphone stand out is its cameras. It’s equipped with 13MP dual rear and front camera. The rear functions offer multiple modes, including the timelapse, panorama, expert, slow-mo, AI beauty, Chroma Boost, and Night Mode. In terms of the quality of the image, you won’t get disappointed. The phone is able to produce sharp and clear images, especially in daylight. Also, the portrait mode is good and does a great job in separating the main subject from the entire background.

Moreover, there is the Nightscape mode that makes it an ideal phone for low light areas. It does not matter how light or dark the environment is, the cameras of Realme 3 can work well no matter the situation and time. With its cameras, you can take beautiful selfies and beautiful photos anytime and anywhere.


The smartphone comes with a 4230mAh battery. The device can last for many hours and even a day or two. That includes doing basic tasks such as taking photos, playing mobile games, surfing the internet, and the likes. Unfortunately, it does not have a fast charging technology, so it may take you a few hours to charge the phone completely. While it doesn’t have a fast charging feature, it can take at least 2 hours to charge from 0 to 100, which is a bit fast.


Thanks to the MediaTek Helio P60 Chipset and 4 GB Ram, the mobile device can run almost all applications and games smoothly and without a problem. Sure it is not the best mobile device in terms of raw power, but it does a great job. It’s powerful enough to run multiple apps smoothly at once.

In addition, its fingerprint and face unlocking feature is pretty responsive and quick. You won’t have to spend a few seconds or minutes to unlock the phone using your face or fingerprint. Although the Realme 3 isn’t the most powerful entry-level mobile phone out there, it can run some graphic-intensive mobile games such as Asphalt and PUBG at low to medium settings. Well, the phone gets a little warm after some time of playing, but that’s just normal.

Looking for a reliable phone that won’t break your bank? Consider the Realme 3 in your list. This smartphone may be new to the market, but it’s becoming more and more popular quickly over the years.

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