Nintendo Switch Gaming Console

Although the Nintendo Switch is new to the world, this gaming console has quickly become more and more popular over time. Well, that is not really surprising. After all, Nintendo is well-known for its iconic gaming consoles, including the Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo 64, and many more. Today, Nintendo wants to show the world a new console that comes with features that are truly game-changing, and that is the newest Nintendo Switch. So, to help you know more about this new console from Nintendo, let us show you our own review of the Switch. Let’s not wait any longer and get into it, shall we?

Nintendo Switch Gaming Console


One of the best things about the Nintendo Switch is you can use it whenever and wherever you want. It has a compact and portable design that allows you to carry and use it conveniently and comfortably. With its remarkable size and portability, you’ll be able to play your favorite games no matter the situation and time. And since it is not as bulky or heavy as other consoles in the market, carrying it or storing it will never be a problem since it is light and does not consume a lot of room. In terms of portability, Nintendo Switch clearly stands out among the rest. 

Play Modes

The Switch comes with three play modes: TV mode, tabletop mode, and handheld mode. If you prefer to play at home, you can simply connect the console directly to the TV and enjoy playing the games you love on a big screen. The TV mode can be an excellent way to bond and get into the game with your friends or family at home. To access the TV mode, all you have to do is to rest the console into the dock that links the system to the television. 

Furthermore, if you don’t have access to a television, don’t worry. Nintendo Switch offers Tabletop mode. This mode enables you to play competitive or cooperative games directly on the screen of the Switch. For the Tabletop mode, you need to flip the stand that is attached to the console and share the Joy-Con controller to a friend. This can be a great way to play games with your family if you’re outdoors and you don’t have access to a TV. 

In addition, there’s the last mode: the Handheld mode. Among the modes, this might be the most convenient way of using the Nintendo Switch. In this mode, you’ll be able to carry the console and play games anytime and anywhere. You can play games on the go, making it ideal for those who really love playing games wherever they are. 


The Switch feels very premium and a bit heavy for a portable gaming console. The Joy-Con controllers and the Switch itself is made of metal, glass, and composite, making it pretty durable. In addition, it features a 6.2 inch, 1280x720 touch screen display that offers quality visuals that level up the gaming experience. If you are used to Wii or 3DS visuals, you will definitely find the visuals of the Switch a lot more impressive. The Nintendo Switch is no doubt one of the best portable consoles you can get today. 

With its remarkable design, features, and raw power, you won’t get disappointed with the Switch. Sure it is not as powerful as other home consoles today, but it gets the job done for a portable, handheld console. This console has a design that gives you the freedom to have fun anytime, anywhere. After all, the Nintendo Switch is made to transform the home console to portable system in no time. 


The price of the Nintendo Switch is not really budget-friendly. It’s a little expensive, but it is definitely worth the money. While it is true that the Switch is not as affordable as other consoles out there, it has superb features that allow it to stand out in the competition. Plus, it’s a reliable handheld console. Aside from the total cost of the console itself, you also want to invest in a microSD card to have more room for your games or applications.  In addition, you will also need to buy additional Joy-Con controllers to experience 4-player multiplayer gaming. Using the Switch is no doubt extremely fun and convenient, but keep in mind that it comes at a price. 


The dock of the console is light since it is made of plastic. While the dock isn’t heavy, it does not feel cheap and lightweight. Moreover, putting the console in and out of the dock is very easy and smooth. While the space inside the dock may look tight, it does not scratch or causes any damage to the screen of the Switch. If you love to play at home, simply put the console into the dock and share the fun with your family or buddies. 

IR Motion Camera

The Joy-Con controllers have an accurate and quick sensor that can detect the movements, shapes, and the distance of every object captured by the camera. This feature is what levels up the gaming experience. You can expect no delays or glitches while you are using your Joy-Con controllers. Since the sensors are fast and accurate, you will be able to play your favorite games enjoyably and with no delay. The motion camera is fast enough to read all movements and the surrounding with little to no effort.

Online Play

Bored and tired of playing alone? That is not a problem. The Nintendo Switch enables users to play online with other Switch users. If you want to compete and have fun with your friends online, that is possible with the Switch console. 

Well, there you go. Above are our review of the latest Nintendo Switch. So, what do you think about this gaming console? Do you think it’s worth the price or not? Don’t hesitate to share your opinions below. We’d love to hear your feedback or comments about the newest Nintendo Switch. 

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