Imarflex IHS-310ST Portable Straightener

Christmas is coming, parties and celebrations are everywhere so it is also a busy day for us to fix ourselves. Both men and women, need to fix their hair a long time so they need to have their straightener. Imarflex portable straightener gives you the solution for your hair. This portable hair stylish is very comfortable that you can put in your bag without making it look bulky. The heating plate is ceramic coated with a safety heat guard and with a heating power of 20Watts.

Portable Straightener

How to use this portable straightener?

There is no special way of using this portable straightener with other same products. For the first time, the handle may get hot but not for a long time. When the red light lights up it means on wait for a while to heat it. When it is hot you can apply to your hair the way you also do to your old straightener. Hence, it only gets small hair because of its size, though it gives quick straight hair. Follow the way you want to do to your hair you will the same result with other normal straighteners. Thus, this is more applicable for all short hair both for men and women. Not only for a special occasion, but this product can also use on an ordinary day.

The advantage of the product?

The advantage of this product the size is portable that you can bring anywhere you go without getting a big space in your bag. Thus, this is best for traveling. It has a long cord so you have space far from the output switch. It gives quick straight your hair the way you want it. There is a lot of reason why you need to have a straightener with you, from crazy frizzy to your business appointment. Whatever you may want it any time anywhere you can trust that you will get what you need. Moreover, you will not have any thoughts about how to bring it with because of no more space. Well, you may just add it in your makeup bag and you are free to run.

How much does this cost?

With this portable straightener, you can have it at an affordable price of 450 pesos which you can enjoy anywhere anytime with the hassle. The product is worth its price because of its advantage they give to them. This product is available in any home appliance store and an online shop. However, you can save more if you buy in an online shop because of their special cost for customers. Hence, it is more convenient to buy online, you can do it without leaving your home.

More people who avail of this product satisfy with what the product gives to them. Most of them are happy because of the size that they can put in their bag with the problem. It is easy to use and comfortable than the old size of a flat iron. Easy to carry anywhere even when you are in a hurry.

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