Affordable Back Massage Stretcher

For best results from back pain, this back massage stretcher is a small lightweight multi-level back stretching device. This helps you relax and immediately relieves back pain due to tight muscles, excessive flexion, and poor spinal alignment. It is easy to use just lie down and relax for five minutes twice a day. Particularly designed for the individual that are suffering from back pain, poor spinal alignment, or those who feel a tightness in their back and need relief. As well as, it makes your back easy, safe, affordable and enjoyable. Hence, highly recommended and used by Physicians, Chiropractors, and professional athletes.

Affordable Back Massage Stretcher

The benefit of Back Massage Stretcher

 •Increases the range of motion and flexibility.

 •Completely relieve back pain.

 •Comfortable to use home treatment for spine problems.

 •With four gear adjustment for greater reach.

 •Portable and can fit nicely in the luggage.

How does it work?

This portable back massage stretcher is so easy to use, lie down on it. The gravity allows the front of your body to effortlessly stretch out and upwards, and the surrounding muscles start to relax. It gently decompresses the discs in your vertebrae, realigning the spine, relieving tension and pain. You will surely amaze by how good you feel after an initial use. If you want to be more advanced and flexible, you can adjust the curve on the arch to a more advanced setting. After this, you will be walking taller, more confident as your posture will improve.

The features of the product

 •The product is made of very tough ABS plastic. This back massage stretchers feature four different settings to fully stretch and relieve pain in the lower back.

 •The four different features settings start from 7cm, 9cm, 11cm, and 12cm. 7cm is for the beginners who do not have any experience in stretching their bodies. And the 12cm is the advance settings as your body is getting more flexible.

 •This product is another good health equipment supply that can use anywhere whether at home, inside the car, in the office.

 •Back Massage Stretcher has a built-in 10 magnets, energy magnets, acupoint massage, let your body get fully relaxed.

 •Besides lightweight, it is also affordable with the price that you can surely pay so easy.

How to install?

Ensure the wide end of the base against your knees. Then, slide the other wide end of the support arch into the single slot on the wide end of the base.

Place your hands on the other end of the arch for easy adjustment. Then let our thumbs rest on top of the arch while the rest of your fingers under the arch to reach the adjustment you want.

Where to buy the product?

Health equipment services in online shops give your comfort in finding this affordable product. This is available in different online shops with different prices, however, you may check the cheapest one and the delivery service. This is very effective for all who are suffering for many years from back pain. Also, it is recommended for the employee who is tired from work.

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